About Us

Our equipment is used in;

Cracker Plants
Biscuit Plants
Cookie Plants
Cookie Dough Plants

We run all types of cookies crackers and biscuits including deposited, wire cut, molded, extruded, coated, with toppings, enrobed, sandwiched, and can automatically pack on edge, restaurant style, vend pack, flat pack.

We can take turnkey responsibility from the end of process through primary and secondary packaging.

Our equipment is designed in Metric, can be CE/UL/CSA marked, supplied with a choice of control platforms and be commissioned as a part of the contract.

Cookie Feeding and Low Pressure Accumulation

On Edge Tray Loading

Cracker distribution & wrapping system

Strips Distribution & Breaking

 Fragile cookie tray loading system

Diagram of Fragile cookie tray loading system

Cracker Slug Loading of wrapper infeed

On Edge Tray Loading System


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